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Interactive Course for Control Theory (ICCT) is live!

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  • ICCT platform is built on top of JupyterHub. The contents of the platform are prepared in the form of Jupyter Notebooks programmed in Python.

  • Platform will feature interactive examples, exams and FAQ.

  • An accompanying textbook for the examples from the platform will be released.

  • ICCT platform and textbook are available in English, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian and Slovene languages. *

  • Upon project completion the contents will be freely available.

How the ICCT platform works?

  1. Sign up on ICCT and log in.

  2. Open the folder ICCT and then click on Table-of-Contents-ICCT.ipynb.

  3. A table of contents will open up. Click on the selected example to open it.

  4. Click Cell - Run All to run the example.

  5. Interact with the example and when you finish click File - Close and Halt. Memory limit (700 MB) is namely enforced for a distinct user; it is therefore necessary to use close and halt command to free up available memory.

* If interested in translating ICCT platform, contact us via Twitter or use the Contact form.

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